Bug Proof Your Home

Bug Proof Your Home

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The warmer months are almost upon us again and with the temperature rising, Insects are sure to make a comeback. How do you make sure your home is well protected against any insects looking to take up residence? Here are 5 tips to help you bug-proof your home.

  1. Seal up the house

Insects can fit in small spaces.  Any tiny gap or crack can be an easy access point for the equally tiny intruders. It’s critical to seal up every opening in your house, do a thorough search even in places you wouldn’t normally look and search for any potential openings. Some key places are around corners, near gutters, along with your foundation, alongside doors and windows, and your roof. Insulation can also play a part in keeping insects from seeking shelter in your home. Remember the time spent sealing up opening will pay off later.

  1. Don’t bring them inside

Bugs are the best at finding ways inside places they don’t belong, and one of their most common methods is stowing away. Firewood is a leading cause of insect invaders, once the wood is put down the insects can escape and spread out. Jackets and boots left out are also easy hiding places for insects as well. Check your clothes for any stowaways before getting comfortable to avoid unwillingly bringing in a visitor.

  1. Keep Things Clean

A messy house is an ideal environment for insects in any season.  A home filled with clutter and mess provides a plethora of places for insects to hide. Pretty soon you could have an infestation of your hands if you’re not careful. All they need is time to spread out and they’ll become a big problem. It’s best to keep a clean house year-round.

  1. Watch out for water leakage

Insects seek out water too! They need it to survive, just like any other animal. If your basement, attic, or interior walls are more humid than normal it is an ideal source of water for almost any pest. Check your home for pockets of standing water, particularly in easy-to-miss places like under your stairs or inside your walls. For damp areas like attics or basements, dehumidifiers can be a huge help in keeping moisture levels to a minimum. These methods will prevent insects from getting a constant source of water in your home.

  1. Plan ahead of next year

While interior insects become more prevalent in the colder months, planning for a bug-free environment is really a year-round endeavor. The best way to keep your home clean is to create a plan now. Get the opinion of a pest management expert to help you thoroughly assess your home for any shortcomings in your insect-defense system.


Owning a home can have plenty of challenges but don’t like insects be one. As the months warm up, insects will be much more prevalent. Keep an eye out and if you notice an increase in pests in your home, it might be time to run an inspection. It can be a bit time consuming but it will pay off. From sealing up your home to making sure your home is clean, these tips will ensure your chances of pesky invaders is little to none.






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